Our story


We have started our story in a small workshop in Kropa, a blacksmiths village in Slovenia. It seems, that composites, or more precise, carbon fiber is the modern equivalent of iron. Since the 2007 year, the number of carbon fiber producers in Kropa has risen to a number of 5 companies.

We have started with a garage-like workshop to work on some cars and make some money on the side with some fiberglass and carbon parts for cars and motorcycles. Soon we were able to make some simple parts for racing motorcycles and could see how large the market is for this kind of items. Since then we focused our production on this segment of the market.

Our knowledge based on  5+ years of experiences in aviation industry, producing light-weight aircrafts for Pipistrel.

Over the years we got to know the market and the needs of the customers. We remained focused on producing smaller quantities and keeping the quality and fitting to the optimum rather to go for the mass production.