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Our production line of products for motorcycles offers parts for racing and street use also. We are constantly making new forms for new and a bit older models of motorcycles.


In our offer you can find replacement parts that replace original parts on the motorcycle, protection covers that cover the original parts that are exposed for scratching or even braking at close encounters or crashes, racing fairings for racing use on race tracks, where the headlights and tail lights openings are closed and the weight and stiffnes of the parts play a bigger role.

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We offer also fiberglass parts made with the same technology which offer similar atributes as carbon fiber parts regarding the weight and stiffnes of the parts for a lower price. The parts are finished in white coat of gelcoat.

 fairing kit s1000rr 2012 without wm.jpg

Our newest line of parts is the Satin line in which the parts are finished wth a transparent matt coating which gives the carbon fiber a newer look. All of the parts in our offer can be finished in Satin finish.